What the critics say:

“ many of these poems are riveting examples of poetry's pure pleasure.” The Age

“asserts that the truly strange and lyrical can be found in the quotidian.” Australian Book Review

“uses poetry to create a free self - positive, humane, fully exposed to life.” The Famous Reporter

“a rewarding book by a poet who knows it is a poet's job to define ‘a language for each morning, like this one’.” Southerly

“Jones' work is so easy on the eye and senses, you wonder what tricks she has just slipped through your inattentive gaps, because you know she has disturbed you in the most devious sort of way.” Australian Women’s Book Review

“one of our best practitioners of the meditative urban lyric, playing the range of both the soft and hard pedals.” Southerly


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The Drunken Boat - Traverse sonnet sequence

The Drunken Boat - Breath, the hours

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Gut Cult

Haiku Review


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